‘XPOSAT’ departs on 01 January 2024 to investigate the mystery of black holes.

‘XPOSAT’ departs on 01 January 2024 to investigate the mystery of black holes.

India welcomes the New Year with the country’s first (X-ray Polarimeter Satellite) mission after the success of Chandrayaan and the launch of the country’s first Sun mission in 2023.

XPOSAT will help the world explore X-ray sources and study the mysterious world of ‘black holes’.
This mission will last for about 5 years.
The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will launch XPOSAT at 9:10 am on Monday from the space center located about 135 km east of Chennai.
The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) C-58 rocket will make its 60th flight carrying the XPOSAT along with 10 other satellites, And will place these satellites in lower Earth orbit.
A 25-hour countdown has started for the launch on Sunday. ISRO’s scientists performed puja at Tirupati temple on Sunday 31 december 2023.

The purpose of XPOSAT is to investigate the polarization of X-ray sources in space.

xposat launch on 1st jan 2024

Apart from ISRO, America’s space agency NASA also studied the remains of supernova explosion, particles coming out of black hole and other astronomical phenomena in December 2021.
India’s four space startups have showcased features such as microsatellite subsystems, thrusters or small engines that will propel satellites on the PSLV-C58 mission and a coating that protects satellites from radiation.
For this, India’s Space Organization is going to start (payload).
Scientific or technical equipment carried on a satellite for a specific purpose is called payload.

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