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U.S and British Warships On The Red Sea 2023

U.S and British warships shooting down the drones

Merchant ships plying the Red Sea are common throughout the world, putting pressure on trade between any two places. Especially the shipping trade in the Red Sea is famous far and wide.  Yemeni rebels attacked the ship when some merchant ships were sailing through the Red Sea to Israel. Not only attacks, but also trying to create a serious situation, the Houthi rebels in Yemen have tried. For three days they attacked merchant ships bound for Israel.

US and British warships attack a cargo ship bound for Israel by drones, and the drones trying to retake control of the cargo ship are trying to launch attacks on the drones. The Yemeni insurgents who carried out this act are already on the terrorist’s radar. This terrorist has spoken seriously about the motto of America and the community of Israel. The whole considers these countries as enemies.

This Attack Resulted In The Israel-Palestine War

Basically, since the war between Israel and Palestine started, many terrorist organizations have been on the verge of becoming active. The Houthi rebel group in Yemen has deliberately attacked cargo ships bound for Israel with drones to oppose Israel. The United States and the United Kingdom immediately monitored the attack and warned the Houthi organization by shooting down the two drones that carried out the attack.

The fact that the Israel-Palestine war is still going on to some extent, and the plight of Palestine in this war also contributes to this act.Until now, we have not said that because Israel is at war with Palestine by any Muslim country, but this current attack also suggests that other Muslim countries or some terrorist groups should be a warning to Israel, that Israel is ready for war no matter what the situation is. The head of state said.

HouthiAttacks Continue For 3 Days

This is not the first attack by the Houthi terrorist organization on cargo ships going to Israel, but for almost 3 consecutive days, cargo ships in the Red Sea have been attacked by drones. The Houthi organization has cultivated a different ideology, which they look to the rest of the world as their ideology. The Houthi rebels have a very different view, even though cargo ships have been attacked by Houthi rebels for 3 consecutive days, the cargo ships have not stopped heading to Israel.

The Houthi terrorist organization has also flown drones towards Israel before this period and has also attempted to launch some missiles. Earlier, when the Houthi terrorist organization tried to send missiles and drones to Israel, the US destroyed all the missiles and drones.  Despite all the fighting and condescension by the US at that time, the Houthi rebels have abandoned the policy of moderation and are increasingly trying to do more anti-Israeli acts.

Post-Arrival Reaction Of Merchant Shipping Companies about warship:

There have been several attacks on merchant ships in the Red Sea, now that the Houthi rebels in Yemen are responsible for the attack and Israel and Palestine are at war, but there have been frequent small-scale attacks on merchant ships in the Red Sea. While previous attacks on cargo ships in the Red Sea were not as risky or considered serious, the current attacks could create a much more serious situation.

Major cargo shipping companies have refused to allow merchant ships to sail through the Red Sea near Israel. Most of the cargo shipping companies are using the Cape of Good Hope option in Africa.  Currently, when these merchant ships are attacked by the Houthis, the cargo ships that are coming back instead of going straight through the Red Sea choose to go back to the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, with some cargo companies even refusing to go through the Suez Canal.

Who Exactly Are Yemen’s HouthiRebels

Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, the man who first created the Houthi movement in northern Yemen, the Houthis are Shia Muslims who do not accept other modern laws from Muslims, such as advocating modernity or breaking the laws of religion for other innovations.  The Houthis are very radical rebels, the internationally recognized government in Yemen has been plagued by Houthi rebels since 2004. Since 2004, the Houthi rebels have attempted to oust the government several times.

So far, the people in the government in Yemen have not accepted any of the demands of these rebels.Fundamentalism to the extent that the Houthis are about Islam is unacceptable to those in government.There are two factions, one major faction is in favor of the government while some smaller factions support the Houthi rebels.  Initially there was no trouble from Houthi rebels in Yemen but day by day they chose different ways to create problems to meet their demands and establish their government.

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