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The Winter Solstice 2023

Shortest Day Of The Year 2023: The Winter Solstice Explained

You may be wondering what exactly is Winter Solstice 2023, the Winter Solstice holds great significance in the world of astronomers. Astronomers attach great importance to the Winter Solstice.  Among them, the winter solstice has a unique significance as it occurs in winter in December. This day has different beliefs and customs in different countries around the world. Festivals are also celebrated on the occasion of Winter Solstice in some parts of Asia. This day was given special importance in traditional manner by creating an atmosphere of Festival.

Every year the winter solstice falls in the month of December, the winter solstice falls in December, giving December a unique significance. December 22nd is the 24-hour period astronomically represented in the Northern Hemisphere, so there is much less light on that day than on previous days. This is the reason why the shortest day of the year or in a way the longest night of the year occurs on this day. Just as everything has a cause behind it, so this condition also has a celestial cause behind it.

What Exactly Is Winter Solstice?

The planet on which we live is the earth, the earth is generally moving in a regular state, in that state, day and night are changing from time to time and no new changes are felt in between. Because the earth is tilted 23.4 life, this cycle usually goes on in the same way that we get sunlight every day and it is day at a certain time and night at a certain time.  No other significant changes are seen in this cycle.

When the winter solstice occurs in December, the sun is very low in the sky, in this position when you observe well, you will notice one thing that the north pole of the earth is far from the sun and this is the reason why the winter solstice is formed. The term got its name from Hiwali Sankranti because this event happens exactly in winter. The longest night and the shortest day of the year also indicate this condition.

In What Form Is The Shortest Day Of The Year In Different Places?

The shortest day of the year is not necessarily the same everywhere, as the shortest day is recorded differently in different countries of the world. As an example, London has recorded the shortest day of only 7 hours. While in some other countries a short day of 8 and 9 and in other places even 10 hours has been recorded. Day by day this amount is getting less and more.

The reason these ratios vary is because each country is situated in a particular location. Even though the sunlight reaches the earth in a uniform line, there is a change in the time of some countries and due to that change, there is a big difference in the time when the shortest day is recorded in the world or the longest night is recorded. Some countries have much more. These changes may increase further in the future.

Can The Days Get Longer After The Winter Solstice?

Before the winter solstice, which is when the month of December is December, the nights are generally longer and the days shorter. Even when the rainy season ends and winter begins, this cycle starts.  We do not understand this ongoing cycle because we are used to living with the changing environment, yet after some time we become aware of this change, and the question arises why the night is now longer.

When the winter solstice occurs, the days thereafter are longer, i.e. the length of night is shorter and the length of day is longer. The increasing length of the day is not a gradual increase but a longer day after the length has increased to a certain extent. Hot summers are when there are long days. This is why the days are long and the nights are short during summer days. This cycle continues like this, the night is short in certain seasons and the day is long in certain seasons.

What Exactly Is The Solstice?

Many different points of view can be said about what solstice means. The word Sankrant is derived from a Latin word and later the same word became popular.  Solstice is popular all over the world. It is not only winter solstice, but there are many other types of solstice and according to different traditions, different solstice is seen to be important. The winter solstice in the month of December is especially popular all over the world. In many places this Sankranti has religious cultural as well as traditional significance.

As the sun moves in the sky according to its usual motion, it would be more convenient to say that the earth is rotating rather than saying that the sun is rotating. On the day when the winter solstice occurs, the sun becomes slightly stationary before turning south north, and the winter solstice occurs in that position. When the winter solstice occurs, the following days are longer and before the winter solstice the days are shorter and the nights longer, then the cycle reverses.

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