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Sidhu Kshetri made a world record by punching a punching bag for 55 hours.

Sidhu Kshetri made a world record.

Inda’s martial artist Sidhu Chhetri, a 42-year-old broke the Guinness World Record, by punching punching bag for 55 hours and 15 minutes.
According to the rules of Guinness World Records, Sidhu Chhetri was required to throw at least one punch in every two seconds, And he was allowed to take a break of 5 minutes in every hour.
Sidhu Chhetri told that he has been practicing martial arts for the last 25 years.

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Sidhu kshetri previous championship.

He has previously represented India in many Taekwondo championships.
And once again he want to bring the country’s martial arts skills on the world map.
Sidhu said that pain started around the 20-hour mark. He reminded himself that it is a test of my limits at this point of time. According to him, Sidhu could endure the pain, if he believed that if he stayed emotionally strong.
The toughest phase for Sidhu Kshetri was the second night, approximately 30 hours in, as it was a continuous period without sleep.

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