Know more about the stunningly beautiful Jen Selter biography age, weight, height, husband and more 2024.


Know more about the stunningly beautiful Jen Selter, age, boyfriend and net worth 2024.

Jen Selter is a fitness model and very famous in social media like instagram. Jen was born on 8 August 1993 in America.

She is known as the first person to introduce the word “belfie,” which is derived from the word “selfie.” word “belfie” means a self-clicked picture of the buttocks of a person.

Jen started her fitness when she was in high school.

She often received compliments for her body and this led to her sharing her photos on social media.

She worked at a plastic surgeon’s office before she became serious about her workout routines.

Earlier she was bullied for her looks, so fitness became her passion.

Jen Selter launched her Instagram account in March 2012, currently she has 14.1 million followers.

She has appeared in many publications and magazines over the years and is known for having the “best butt in the world.

She also runs paid fitness programs, which is her main source of income over the years.

Jen Selter’s Early Life & Childhood:

She was born on August 8, 1993, in New York. Jen Selter was raised in a Jewish household by single mother Jill Weinstein. She grew up with an elder sister named Stephanie and Jen was the second child in the family.

Earlier she thought that her face was not attractive, claimed by her classmates. Jen wore padded bras and crop tops, as she thought that would divert people’s attention from her, that’s why she keep herself away from bullies.

According to her, a small surgery changed her life, rhinoplasty was that surgery.

She started working out and eating healthy, to enhance her physical beauty further.

Many people says that she had a plastic surgery to enhance her buttocks. While, she has always denied such claims.


Jen Selter’s Career:

She always had a craze for social media. Jen Selter was a frequent user of ‘Instagram,’ ‘Facebook,’ and ‘Youtube.

Earlier, she did not get much attention on the platform. However, very soon she started taking pictures from the side, flaunting her buttocks.

Then her fans coined the term “belfie,” based on the popular word “selfie.”

Jen researched a lot about why and how ‘Instagram’ celebrities became so famous. And came up with her own tactics to do the same.

By regularly updating her fitness progress, motivational posts and strict work-out routine helped her to gaining a massive fan following.

All social-media profiles of her, have been hugely successful. Due to massive followers on her accounts, Jen also started brand promotions, especially for fitness brands.

Jen charges around 15,000$ for each promotional post like ‘Nike’ and ‘Tarte Cosmetics.

She is a huge fan of basketball and admires the team of ‘New York Knicks.’ Jen has been romantically linked with ‘Knicks’ player Kristaps Porzingis but personally she has denied the rumors.

Jen Selter statistics:

Height- 168 centimeter or 5′ 6″ (approx)

weight- 54 kilogram or 119 lbs  (approx)

Her bust size: 34″

Hips size:  23″

waist size: 36″


Jen Selter’s social media followers:

Instagram: – 14.1million followers.

Facebook: – 9.1million followers.

Twitter ‘X’: – 1.2million followers.

Snapchat: – 1.64million followers.

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