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How To Build Better Mental Health IN 2024.

How To Build Better Mental Health:

Day by day mental stress is increasing tremendously in stressful life. When it was found out through a research which countries are living under the most stress, if we consider the US alone, 55% of the people in the US are living under stress in their daily life. When we see the same level of stress in India, we realize that 89% of people are living under stress in India, these different figures of different countries of the world are definitely forcing to think. This number is not decreasing, the number of people who are going under stress day by day is increasing rapidly.

If there is no money nearby, if there is poverty or if you do not get a job that you like, it does not necessarily mean that mental health is bad. Many times in some researches it has been observed that people who have nothing, nothing i.e. they don’t have much wealth are ordinary people live under very less stress whereas those who have wealth always feel insecure even though they have all the comforts. And basically, mental health doesn’t discriminate between rich and poor. Due to different states of mind or situations created by the mind, anyone can face mental stress.

Below we will learn in detail about how to deal with stress and how to take care of mental health.

According to human nature, when we do the same thing over and over again, after some time we get bored and as a result we don’t pay enough attention to the work. You can always pursue something you like or a hobby along with the work you do. There is so much to learn, you just need your desire. You can read a book on philosophy, read a magazine or even watch a historical documentary on your smartphone. You will also know the trend of the world from the latest information.

mental health

One is ready to love the whole world, but when it comes to one’s own time, the big question is whether it actually happens. Because loving others appreciating others is easy to always be there for others, but when it comes to our own time, we don’t have time. What it means to love yourself is not to call yourself bad in any situation, to recognize what are the good qualities in yourself and give them scope, to see what is good in yourself and not to focus on what is not. When you begin to develop your perspective in this way, you will truly benefit from maintaining mental health.

If something goes wrong on your part or some adverse situation comes up, your mind gets confused, but at the same time, you need to keep your mind calm and keep working. No matter what situation is thrown at you, if you learn to be calm in that situation, then it means that you have learned to live life in real sense. You never know when a sudden situation will arise. In such a situation you can keep your mind calm and handle the situation properly. Try this experiment on yourself when your mind is confused, just keep your mind still, you will find alternatives automatically.

Goal setting is very important if you have set your goal then it becomes very easy for you to move towards it but on the other hand when you don’t have any goal you don’t realize which way you are moving and as a result the amount of going astray can be maximum. First of all look at your interest and if you like the field or an art according to your interest, you can make that art as one of your goals and focus on it and sort your way forward. A person who has set a goal faces the least amount of mental stress because most of his energy is focused on his goal.

You have been constantly hearing that help others, but you may be wondering what exactly is the benefit of helping others, helping others creates humility in yourself. A research has also found that when we help others in their time of need or in general, our stress levels are greatly reduced and the mind is somehow satisfied. If you have certain skills, you can help others based on those skills, which will also create a sense of debt in the people you help. If the chain of aid continues to grow like this, the stress can be reduced in the future.

Meditation is the best way to reduce stress, when you reflect on the mistakes you have made and based on that you understand what exactly went wrong or what needs to be changed, your mind becomes lighter. You can get yourself into the habit of regular meditation every day. You should choose any specific time of the day as per your wish and at that time you should think about the work done during the day, your gratitude towards that work and the importance of the work itself. Due to reflection, we can easily realize where our mistakes happen, what we should do and what we should not do, and the problems that arise in the future can be solved in advance.

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