Covid-19 variant JN1 case found in kerala, Will India be able to fight this threat?


Covid-19 kerala : Sub Variant JN1 Of Covid 19

Almost every country in the world has experienced the corona epidemic, everyone has seen the reality of how terrible the situation can be due to corona. A truly serious situation arose when we got to see various changes in the corona virus, so you must have read the news of Covid-19 Kerala. Initially, the first corona patient in India was found in Kerala. Now again, the new variant of Corona has been found in Kerala itself, and the discussion about Corona has come to the fore.

In the last 3-4 years, the havoc that Corona virus has created in the world is very memorable. Now again because covid 19 is coming in a new form, there is an atmosphere of fear everywhere. Sub variant JN.1 of covid 19 has been detected in Kerala under ongoing routine surveillance under the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genetic Study Group (INSACOG). Ever since this one patient was found in Kerala, there is a similar discussion about covid 19 kerala everywhere.

Covid 19 Sub Variant JN.1 Kerala Current Updates

 When Corona patients were initially found in various places all over India, at the same time the first Corona patient was found in the state of Kerala. Not only Corona, but when the Ebola disease spread in Africa, only a few days later, an Ebola patient was found at the airport in Kerala.This relationship between Kerala and epidemics is purely coincidental.The sub variant JN.1 of covid 19 has been detected in Kerala while the normal functioning of the health department is going on as usual.

There is a lot of concern about this being a new variant of Corona, because when Karuna first spread across India, the situation was almost out of hand. Ever since the beginning of the corona virus, the corona virus has made different changes in itself. As researchers discover new drugs based on these different variants, these variants are ready to change and spread the disease again. Individuals with sub variant JN.1 of covid 19 in Kerala have been properly treated.

What Are The New Changes In Covid 19 Sub Variant JN.1

Various variants of corona virus have come and gone all over the world, due to the fact that corona made some changes according to the situation in different situations, it was not possible to control the corona to the desired extent. While researchers were developing treatments for a particular variant of the corona, a new variant of the corona was entering in a different form. As a control over Corona, the countries of the European continent began to produce vaccines to prevent various variants of Corona. Due to the development of corona vaccine, it was possible to control the corona to a great extent.

In the sub variant JN.1 of Covid 19, doctors have found something different from the previous corona variant. Which mainly means that this variant is more powerful than the previous covid 19 variant. JN1 can spread faster than other corona variants encountered so far. There is no special reason for the spread of corona, even small mistakes can spread the corona disease everywhere. As told by the doctor, to escape from the sub variant JN 1 of Covid 19 found in Kerala, we should initially take care of ourselves as we took care of ourselves during the corona epidemic.

Health Minister Gundu Rao Immediately Convened A Meeting

Kerala’s health system has gone into overdrive as the first patient suffering from sub variant JN 1 of Covid 19 has been detected. Health Minister of Kerala Gundu Rao called a meeting by giving an urgent notice to the Health Department and in the meeting discussed what measures can be taken to overcome this situation. Although only one patient was found, the possibility of these mild symptoms in other patients cannot be ruled out. According to some reports mild symptoms of this new JN 1 variant have been detected in some places, due to which the government system in Kerala will try to control it in various ways as soon as possible.

In the meeting, Health Minister Gundu Rao asked the medical officers about the covid-19 kit and other materials and also checked about the oxygen cylinder as it is essential. In the past, when the corona epidemic was widespread, some patients could not get oxygen even after taking good measures in many places, this time, if such a situation occurs, all the administrations in Kerala have already started preparing. Even so far in India.

No patient of sub variant JN 1 of Covid 19 has been detected.

Pre-Existing Covid 19 Patients May Be At Increased Risk For The JN1 Subvariant

It is believed that all those people who had covid 19 in the previous corona epidemic are more likely to be infected with sub variant JN 1 of covid 19. Those who were previously infected with Corona, whose immune system was greatly reduced due to the then variant, may also face health problems again due to this new variant. People who have suffered from a previous corona variant and have recovered after some time or have received the corona vaccine, need to take care of themselves like everyone else and not be delusional.

There are a few basic things to keep in mind to stay away from JN 1, a sub variant of covid 19, in which doctors have re-released the guidelines for covid-19. Rules such as washing hands, wearing face masks, avoiding unnecessary touching are mentioned in it.  Doctors have also said that it is always better for pre-existing covid-19 patients to take special care. If the covid-19 epidemic spreads everywhere again, before the situation can get out of hand, if proper care is taken, it can be a great prevention and may be able to overcome this crisis which may occur in the future.

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