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Chandrayaan 3, India became the first country to land on the South Pole

Successful Landing of Chandrayaan 3

So finally Chanda Mama is no longer far away

Chandrayaan 3‘s Vikram Lander Achieves Flawless Moon’s South Pole Landing, Sparking National Celebration. However, India’s Third Lunar Expedition will Face the  Challenges Ahead.

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After safely landing, Chandrayaan 3 is getting ready to release its rover close to the moon’s south pole. This marks the beginning of an important phase of exploration led by the experts at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). For the next two weeks, a series of experiments will take place to uncover secrets hidden in the moon’s soil and rocks. Scientists believe that the southern part of the moon might have valuable resources like ice and important minerals.

India is trying to make history by being the first country to study the moon’s South Pole, which no one has explored before.
The rovers are carrying special equipment to study the elements on the moon. Scientists want to find out what the moon’s surface is made of and learn about the minerals there. This will help us understand more about this mysterious part of the moon.

The Surface Thermal Experiment on Chandrayaan (STECh) is set to analyze the heat characteristics of the moon’s polar region.
The Lunar Seismic Activity Detector (LSAD) aims to track moonquakes and map the layers of the moon’s surface.
Additionally, the Passive Laser Reflection Array (PLRA) will be utilized to gain insights into the moon’s dynamics.

The Lunar Ionosphere and Atmosphere Analysis Device (LIADA), part of the lander’s payload, is all set to gauge the density of plasma close to the moon’s surface and track how it changes over time.
Just a few days prior to Chandrayaan 3‘s gentle touchdown, Russia’s Luna 25 spacecraft experienced an uncontrolled spin and ultimately crashed into the moon’s surface.

Both Chandrayaan 3’s ‘Vikram’ lander and the six-wheeled rover have been engineered to function for a single lunar day.

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