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PM Modi shows green flag to Amrit Bharat, Best features of the train 2023.

PM Modi shows green flag to Amrit Bharat, Best features of the train going from Delhi to Ayodhya via Darbhanga.

The train no. will be 15557 and it will run from Darbhanga on every Monday and Thursday at 3:00 pm. And at 12:35 pm Train will reach Anand Vihar (Delhi).

To connect Ayodhya with the entire country, today i.e. on 30th December, Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off many trains from Ayodhya itself. This also includes two trains connecting Delhi and Ayodhya. One is Amrit Bharat Express and another one is Vande Bharat Express. Vande Bharat train will reach Ayodhya via Delhi, Kanpur, Lucknow.

At the same time, Amrit Bharat Express connecting Delhi to Ayodhya will go from Delhi to Darbhanga via Gorakhpur. Amrit Bharat train is the new train of Indian Railways which will work on the technology of Vande Bharat only. This will be a train which will have only general and sleeper coaches.

Know the features of Amrit Bharat Express which is special in many ways-

The first saffron colored Amrit Bharat train will run via Gorakhpur and Ayodhya.

Push and pull trains will also have powerful engines on both sides, like Vande Bharat.

The rear engine will push the train, and front engine will pull the train.

The speed of the train will increase, With both engines operating.

The train will also pick up speed at the same speed at which it will stop at the stations.

The train will run with the speed of 130 km per hour.

Train will provide additional special facilities to the passengers, because Amrit Bharat will have two engine like Vande Bharat.

The Amrit Bharat will have only sleeper and general coaches.

Total 22 coaches will be in train including 12 sleeper, 8 general, one each parcel van and brake van (guard van) will be installed in a train rake. Amrit Bharat train will not have power car.

From both the engines Power will be supplied to the coaches. This Train will also protect the environment.

There will be relief from changing direction and reversal of the engine in the station yard and on the way
Give ticket of  train. If you want to travel in train, then for this you will have to take the name of the train and take the ticket. This has been done because if there is a difference in fares between trains, Amrit Bharat may also be written on the ticket.

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